Metal Shop Madness

Here are a few photos from the metal shop at Soda Fab! Shawn Oldham is helping us weld up some honeycomb themed benches (6!) and tables (one big long one) to place under the pavilion and at the top and bottom of the covered stair at YWCA. Wish us luck, we want them finished by Monday morning. Clarke, Monica, and Miriam worked hard to cut, grind, and weld the supports and carry out the truly collaborative design process. Go W!20140730-235712-86232552.jpg






We’re vertical!

The team got loads done this week at the YWCA! we started Monday by finishing the digging for the columns’ footings. We had to combat the rain, but the weather cooperated and we were able to pass our footing inspection. At AB tech, we had to disassemble our rafter sandwiches we had prefabricated in order to get a coat of stain on them. We also cut the proper angles on our shared columns that would support the rafters and girders. In the metal department, we were able to drill the pilot holes for the bolts that would eventually secure the columns to the stair’s retaining wall


Tuesday, the team was able position the columns in our newly dug footings and leveled them with braces. We also continued painting and staining on the stair columns and rafters. By the afternoon, everything was ready for concrete, and we poured and used wheelbarrows to set our columns’ footings. 


Wednesday, we continued work on-site with painting and staining, as well as putting up the girders in the pavilion. The team also kept on plugging away at the columns, and got the holes for the threaded rod drilled, and epoxied the rods in place.


Thursday, the team caught up on a bit of the design work relating to the bench and table. Our locust lumber was picked up from our craigslist contact, and taken to The Old Wood Co. to be planed and dimensioned. We also finalized our roof layout and overhang, and placed the order.


Friday was all hands on deck as we finished up more staining, rafter placement, and column placement along the stairs. We really accomplished a lot, but will need to strive ahead in order to stay on schedule for the August 8th ribbon cutting.

BIG Week 7


Big Week on the Design Build Front in Asheville NC.!

We started off the week at SODA fabrications understanding the processes of metal working. This introduction and the help from the SODA team propelled the process of completing our steel plate wall connectors for our cantilevered design.


photo 3photo10

Team work was at its finest this week with the group spread across Asheville. We broke serious ground preparing the foundation footings. Getting Dirty At the YWCA! All the while metal fabrication and bench mock-ups were taking place.

photo1 photo2photoIMG_2502

MOVIE NIGHT! Wednesday the group got together and had a movie night in the back yard of Architectural Designer Nicole Szlatenyi’s. http://www.projecthdesign.org/film/

A BIG THANK YOU took place at the river to all the people who have donated time and helped us along the way. The Higlighted Speakers were Chris Joyell ADC Beth Maczka YWCA and instructors Luke W. Perry Miriam Gee, and Flexi- Pave’s Wilton Davis was able to show off their awesome  product. This celebration was a great way for the team to answer questions and show the design to the project contributors.


New Belgium Brewery Site Visit

The Team Was able to Visit the Construction Site of New Belgium’s new East Coast Distributing center being built in the river arts district along the French Broad River. Big Thanks to Jared Wheatley for keeping it real and opening many eyes to the perspective of the building construction realm of the process in which design becomes reality.


Weekend Workout

This sat and sunday with help from wonderful volunteers the team was able to further the construction process!