Build From The Ground Up?

Yes, the goal is to build from the floor up. After a restful break the team returned to the site bright eyed and bushy tailed on July 5th ready to inspect the footers that were poured 1 wheelbarrow load at a time the week before. Success! Our railroad ties sit beautifully amidst the concrete. Time to kick it up a notch!! or notch it out…the next step was to remove the forms from the concrete footers. trim the railroad ties to the correct height and then to notch the railroad ties so that our girders could rest on them. Luckily, John, the chainsaw guru and a friend of DeWayne’s was available to help us trim the railroad ties and to cut out the notches. A big thanks to him for taking his time to help us out on site!

Finally, the girders were built up and were shimmied into place. The built up girders will support the joists and sub-floor. At the end of our first day back we left with smiles on our faces  and our chins high as we could technically “stand” on our floor!

Check out the pictures below of the pouring process, and the placement of the girders!

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