The Design-Build Studio is split into two five week sessions. The first session focused mainly on site analysis, design, construction documents, and obtaining a building permit. The success of the first 5 weeks would determine the fate of the structure as we would need a solid base in order to continue to the construction phase. The week prior to July 4th our team kicked butt, digging, pouring concrete, and setting railroad ties in order to complete the footers so that we could continue to the next stage of (framing the floor) after a well deserved break.

Here is a brief breakdown of what we accomplished in the first 5 weeks of the Design-Build studio:

-worked together as a team incredibly well
-gotten to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses
-created an attractive studio space in the Design Center
-developed a comprehensive and elegant design that can and will be built
-developed a full drawing sheet that was stamped by a structural engineer
-have successfully applied and received a building permit
-have generated many fantastic ideas
-negotiated many real world constraints
-have gotten to the know the site and our clients
-have built both digital and structural models of the design
-raised $225
-completed a materials list and budget
-dug, poured, and set the footers

The list gets longer as we expand our skills and get to work on the BUILD portion of the studio!