Transitioning between the design to the build segment of the studio will be a first for most of us students. Where some of us have spent most of our education/real life experience in the design realm stashed away in a studio for long days and late nights others have spent countless hours refining skills that make the designs come to fruition. This is the point where the two worlds collide! Where designers become builders and builders become designers and we explore one of the common goals of the summer: merging the two.

So, what have we learned so far about this transition? Numero Uno…just because you are not in the studio doesn’t mean that you aren’t designing and revising. On site is where you find out if your drawings really do or don’t make sense! Numero Dos…building costs money! We have been fortunate enough in the design phase of our studio to have a place to design as a group…(BIG thanks to William Langdon Architecture and the Asheville Design Center) and of course our brain power is free. But, wood, hardware, concrete, etc are not free!

The vision must become a reality. Do you want to see it happen? Please consider donating time, materials, or money to the Design-Build Studio so that we are able to create a structure that fosters foundations for a healthy community!!

Overall, we are hoping to raise $5000.
To donate and help support this project:

1)  Send a check made out to the Asheville Design Center with Design-Build in the memo line to:
Asheville Design Center
8 College Street
Asheville, NC 28801

2) Go to the Asheville Design Center’s homepage and click on the orange donate button on the right side of the page.  Under designation, please type “Design-Build” for the fund’s use.