Much like the plants in the Burton Street Peace Garden the structure has sprouted and has brought new and exciting life to the site!  We have worked from the ground plane, dug down, and built up.

Although we did not quite meet our last goal of finishing the main structure before the end of the day on July 15th we did have a most productive week. The fundraiser at The Market Place was a great success! Many many thanks to Chef William Dissen and all of those who came out and had a drink in support of the great vision of DeWayne and Safi and the hard work of many others.

By the end of the week the floor was 99.9% complete. We scored a great load of wood from Home Source in Asheville, which included rot and insect resistant cedar members, which will be used on the two porches. Needless to say, we have all acquired some scavenging skills and now we might find ourselves being distracted by “junk” piled on the side of the road. We set the collar ties and got ready to put in the rafters. We are finding that as we continue to build that one decision has many implications. Often times we will have an idea about how something should work and the response will be “What are the implications of that?” It is one of those important catchphrases that makes you think twice before you begin to shoot the nail gun or screw in a screw. Raising the collar ties and rafters were one of the crucial times where we needed to think entirely through the process before placing them. As hindsight is 20/20, next time we would build the entire bay on the ground and raise it all at once. You know, we might be learning something here!

By the time the weekend arrived our concept for the structure, which has now been deemed “Mystic Dreams” after a sign salvaged from a warehouse by the river, was becoming obvious. The drawings were becoming a reality and we were enthused!