Shoutout to Mike Powell: Tree Surgeon!

Thanks to Mike Powell, local community member and volunteer arborist for helping us fell the trees at 30 Riverside Drive. We marked out the zone for the River Arts District SpeakUP only a week before, but needed some expert help and serious equipment to bring down the trees to prep for construction. Enjoy the cell phone pics from Serena Huang and Amy Marion.

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Instructor Luke W. Perry sent an email out to the community to let them know about the tree removal:

Dear Neighbors,

We are writing to notify you that we are tentatively planning on removing three trees on Thursday June 6th, 2013. The trees are two black locusts and one box elder growing in the creek near Jean Webb Park (south of the boat put-in) at 30 Riverside Drive, which is city-owned property. They are being removed as part of the construction process of a new footbridge that will span the creek and provide a connection from Jean Webb Park to the future greenway path along the east side of the river towards 12 Bones. The footbridge is being designed and constructed by the Asheville DesignBuild Studio, a project of the Asheville Design Center.

Today, the City arborist has approved their removal and Joe Ransmeier (woodworker on Roberts St.) has graciously provided us a contact who will clear the trees from the creek free of charge. The wood will be reused either by local woodworkers (like Joe) or possibly used in the footbridge itself.

We got there just in time to pull some ropes and bring down the trees. A big “thanks” again to Mike Powell, pro-bono tree surgeon, and our neighborhood woodworker, Joe Ransmeier for helping out with AVL DesignBuild. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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