Peter Sprague Makes it Happen: Two I-Beams Donated!

When positive energy is flowing, sometimes things just fall into place. In this case, it was more than one: two pristine, pre-drilled and primed W21x44 I-Beams. A big thanks to Peter Sprague who reached out to several businesses in North Carolina, and finally secured the donation from McGee Canopy Corporation. Without their help, we would be up a creek without an I-beam! This superstar sponsorship  saves us over $5k for our materials budget.

 Thanks again to Peter Sprague and the McGee Corporation for their generosity to the students and the community.

Wanna help us make it happen? You can pitch in to help build our new footbridge with the AVL DesignBuild Studio.

We are in need of several in-kind donations of new or used materials. If you have them lying around and would like to help out by donating them to the footbridge project, please contact Instructor Luke Perry at (828) 335-7070. If donating online is easier for you, please click here.

Need some inspiration? We are looking for the following items over the next few weeks: