$1250 Gift – RADBA, Darren Green, & Pattiy Torno Make it Happen!

Big Thanks to RADBA (River Arts District Business Association) for their $1250 gift towards the footbridge materials budget! AVL DesignBuild student Forewoman Marisa Lappin, student Foreman Billy Del Monte, and instructor Luke W Perry gave a footbridge status update during the RADBA monthly meeting. Then, RADBA member Joe Ransmeier (also a bonafied volunteer tree surgeon and woodworker) motioned to sponsor the footbridge – and it passed! Darren Green, the future president of RADBA  and owner of The Old Wood Co. along with neighbor and artist Pattiy Torno personally contributed to the cause. We truly appreciate your generosity and support – thanks to our neighbors for making it happen!

If anyone else is interested in donating materials in-kind, professional skills, or money to the cause, you can email us for more details, or click here. After some bad news last week (a poor soils report and the municipal requirements for all greenway pedestrian bridges to carry an 11,000-pound ambulance load) the team found out that the cost of the footings and structure would be double. We continue to need your support for materials & services to make our footbridge a reality!

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