Special Thanks to Sherwin Williams!

Here’s a shout out to Sherwin Williams who generously donated 12 gallons of primer and paint (worth over $600!!) for our bridge! Thank you so much for sponsoring our project! A special thanks to Kara B., Patton Avenue store manager, and Matt who helped us mix the paint and match the colors.

We have decided upon the color eggplant (officially called “Black Swan”) for the metal elements of our bridge. In the shadows, the color appears much darker, almost a dark grey or black. However, in the sunlight, it acts as a nice accent against the natural tones of the wooden decking and surrounding trees. We even noticed the purple in our feathered friends on site:

black swan ducks

Thanks again to  Sherwin Williams for the sponsorship… we couldn’t have done it without you!

Below are some photos of our  Volunteer Work Day – thank you for your time and help!

0723_painting ibeams-1

0723_painting ibeams-2

0723_painting ibeams-3