One More Community Work Day

This weekend is the very last before our scheduled completion date of August 2nd! That means we need some help for this final push! The crew will be on site at 10am tomorrow (Saturday) and would love some help painting the deck boards with a clear, non-slip finish! Many hands make light work, so the length of the workday depends on how many people turn out, but we expect it will last 3 or 4 hours. Come out and enjoy some great company, rain or shine!

Where? Under the Haywood Bridge near Jean Webb Park
When? 10am til 1-2pm
Bring? Clothes and shoes for painting, brushes, rollers, or trays, water, and YOU!
Contact? Instructor Luke W Perry via email with questions


One thought on “One More Community Work Day

  1. wish I could join all of you but will be in Raleigh this weekend. will try to stop by next week after I get project out door I am working on. Keep up the great work, everyone!!!

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