Almost There!

Great news!  We have gotten all necessary approvals and contracts approved.  Construction on the foundation for the bridge should begin this coming Monday or Tuesday with the actual installation of the bridge two weeks after that.  Hopefully by the end of October, you will be walking across or sitting on this great new addition to Asheville’s riverfront.  Stay tuned. 

Most people who drive by Jean Webb Park are really curious to figure out what is going on there in the parking lot.  Just last week, I was speaking to a friend of a friend, and he told me about this great new floating bar that New Belgium was building.  He told me I could go and check in out down next to the river across from the Wedge.  Of course, he was talking about the footbridge, not an actual float.  But, maybe he could be forgiven.   Since we had to go ahead and pre fabricate and have met up with some delays in actually installing it, many passerbys think it actually might be something that could float (probably not since it weighs 19,000 lbs!) or more likely a stage….but, no, it is a new public space that will be installed very shortly.  A lot of people have been asking why it is still there, so AC-T Answer Woman took up the cause.  See the write- up here



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