YWCA of Asheville

the 2014 Summer Studio Project

AVL DesignBuild YWCA 2014- 083




June 2 –August 8, 2014



Luke W. Perry & Miriam Gee



Rachel Clegg, Landscape Architect

Shawn Oldham, SODA Fabrications

Ed Medlock, Structural Engineer

Doug Hecker, Clemson University

Mitchel Sorin, AB Tech.


The 2014 Asheville DesignBuild Studio partnered with the YWCA of Asheville to complete designs for a Campus Master Plan, the Laurey Masterton Memorial Garden, and designed and built the Beehive Pavilion – a covered outdoor classroom with built-in benches and tables, and a series of cascading roofs that cover the existing stair leading towards the school bus loading zone. The Beehive Pavilion features a permeable recycled rubber surface – Flexi-Pave – cantilevered roof systems, and a honeycomb theme, as a tribute to Laurey Masterton’s affinity for bee-keeping. Children in the after-school programs can now exit the YWCA – rain or shine – and load into the buses, alleviating traffic congestion at the front entrance for drop off and pick up. The covered outdoor classroom space also serves as a great outdoor meeting space for YWCA staff.