Off and Running

We are excited to announce this year’s 2014 DesignBuild Team:

  • Serena Ching.  Architecture, Judson University
  • Monica Magcalas. Architecture, Clemson University
  • Paul Mosher. Architecture, Clemson University
  • Nolan Rish. Landscape Architecture, Clemson University
  • Nathan Thomson. Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech
  • Clark Templeton. Urban Planning/ Architecture, University of Virginia
  • Brian Walgreen.  Construction Management, AB Tech

These 7 students met each other for the time on June 2 and immediately began diving into this summer’s project.  We are working with the YWCA of Asheville to assist in master planning of their campus to improve the vehicular and pedestrian flows.  As part of this, we are focusing our built project on enhancing a long run of stairs and creating an outdoor classroom space on the west end of the building.  Stay tuned for progress as we move forward towards our August 8 completion date. 



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