Week 3 Recap: Design Development and Long-Term Planning Considerations

photo 4

This week the team met with Asheville City Planner Alan Glines to discuss master planning for the YWCA and surrounding neighborhoods.  The YWCA serves as a community center for the neighborhood.  Future changes to the built environment should improve pedestrian and cycling connectivity throughout the community, emphasizing safe and convenient walking paths to the YW.  There may be opportunities to improve neighborhood connectivity to the YWCA with the redevelopment of Asheville Middle School and the proposed Clingman Forest Greenway.  We will continue this dialogue with the YWCA community and craft a plan to guide future development.


Critical team member, Nolan, returns to studio after taking some time off to get married. Congratulations dude!


And finally, this week the studio made epic progress with design development.  We had to commit to a few big design moves and begin to flesh out construction details.  Biggest challenge: figuring out how the stair covering meets the classroom structure.  LOTS OF SKETCH MODELS





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