Week 5 Recap

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The week started off with a brief meeting with Structural Engineer, Edward Medlock, who visited AB Tech to take a look at our mock-ups after reviewing the permit drawings over the weekend. He offered a few solutions to the cantilevered timber structure such as increasing member sizes, installing extra rafters and bracing systems. In order to reach the goal of the week, the team divided and conquered the task of refining the mock-up structure, producing more presentable models at ¼” and ¾” scales incorporating the latest structural details of the roof design, contacting local suppliers material quotes and donations, and creating a booklet to update the community on the design process.

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On Tuesday, we were fortunate to have Mr. Wilton Davis over for a short and thorough informational session on Flexi-Pave, a highly sustainable and durable rubber composite that will serve as a porous ground cover suitable for the outdoor classroom as well as an alternative walkway through what is now the grassy area above the stairs. Consisting of recycled tires and rock aggregate, Flexi-Pave allows for high groundwater recharge, is flexible and does not crack or settle, and helps control erosion. We are anticipating a possible donation from  KB Industries that will cover roughly 500 square foot of ground area under the pavilion structure.


After the short lecture on Flexi-Pave, a few team members went down to the YWCA to participate in some physical playground deconstruction and information gathering on the mysterious concrete wall structure on the East side of the stairs where the cantilevered roof system will be built. Within three hours, two wooden equipments were disassembled and two six-foot deep holes were dug but no concrete footing was discovered. However, the digging reassured the team that structural columns will be able to be supported at least 18 inches below grade.


On Wednesday, the lumber order for part of our structure came in. We received another generous donation from 84 Lumber as they gave us a $300 discount on the $1400 worth of spruce yellow pine members. The team will be able to start prefabricating the built-up columns once the structural design is finalized.

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