A HUGE thank you to Wilton Davis and K.B. Industries, Inc. for donating over 6,000 dollars worth of their amazing Flexi-Pave product to the YWCA stair covering / pavilion project! 

Flexi-Pave is a porous paving made from recycled tires and this will be their first installation in Asheville.  Flexi-pave distributes storm water into the ground at a manageable rate while providing a comfortable and safe surface for outdoor play.  This permeable paving will cover the ground surface of the YWCA’s new West pavilion and become an educational model for environmentally conscience storm water management in the community.   

To learn more about Flexi-Pave and KBI’s other intelligent materials: http://kbius.com/kbi-products/kbi-flexi-pave/

 Our team could not be more excited and proud to install Flexi-Pave on site and will continue to keep this great product in our toolset as young architects and designers!

Thanks again Wilton Davis!

 flexipave_example KBI Sponsorship Request -YWCA & ADC KBI Sponsorship Request -YWCA & ADC

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.59.20 AM



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