2015 Design Build Project: U-LEAF Mobile Performing Arts Stage

AVL DesignBuild YWCA 2014- 003

Led by instructors Luke W. Perry and Miriam Gee, students will work with the LEAF Schools & Streets program to explore how design can address public space in the form of a mobile performing arts lab. The lab will incorporate a mobile stage that can accommodate community arts performances, host events, and promote art education for youth in Asheville. DesignBuild students will define, generate, and explore conceptual solutions while integrating technical, financial, legal, and social constraints to complete the mobile performing arts lab.

The DesignBuild Studio is open to collegiate and graduate level students who are interested in learning more about the built environment and how it interfaces with individuals and local communities. The DesignBuild Studio will be an equivalent of six credit hours. The deadline has been extended to May 1. Scholarship applications are closed.

A PDF of the Student Application form is available here.

All forms can be mailed to:

Asheville Design Center
PO Box 1524
Asheville, NC 28802

All other inquiries can be directed to Chris Joyell (chris@ashevilledesigncenter.org or 828-782-7894)