Thank you!

Now that we’ve got everyone hooked on the blog, it’s time to introduce the people who made DesignBuild possible this year. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

  • The Center for Craft Creativity and Design, for providing classroom space for the entirety of our two-month program in downtown Asheville.
  • LEAF Community Arts, for trusting us with their ULEAF project
  • Shawn Oldham at SODA Fabrications for sharing his metalwork studio.
  • AB Tech for letting our students use their woodworking equipment and space.
  • AB Tech Foundation for providing scholarships
  • Clark Nexsen Foundation for providing scholarships
  • Additional scholarships made available by anonymous donors
  • Our impressive list of guest instructors this year includes:
    • Steve Badanes  (of Jersey Devil DesignBuild and Yestermorrow Design/Build)
    • Tom Virant (of Virant Architecture and Yestermorrow Design/Build)
    • Doug Hecker + Brian Leounis (Clemson University)
    • Kate Ancaya (Living Roofs, Inc.)
    • Heath Moody (A-B Tech)
    • Mitchel Sorin (Legerton Architecture)
    • Geoffrey Barton (Mountain Housing Opportunities)
    • Darren Green (The Old Wood Co.)
    • Tina Councell (Iron Maiden Studios)
    • Guillermo Rodriguez
    • Rachel Clegg
    • Chip Howell (Mathews Architecture)
  • We also have mentors who are providing extra support and mentorship to our students:
    • Mitchel Sorin/ Nicole Szlatenyi (AIA Asheville Mentor)
    • Matthews Architecture (AIA Asheville Mentor)
    • Keith Hargrove (AIA Asheville Mentor)
    • Alan McGuinn (AIA Asheville Mentor)
    • Laurie Miller (AIA Asheville Mentor)
    • Stephen Lee Johnson-Site Works Studios  (Landscape Architecture Mentor)
    • Kate Ancaya- Living Roofs Inc. (Landscape Architecture Mentor)

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If your name or organization is missing from this post, the intern who writes this blog begs humbly for forgiveness and requests that you kindly let her know her mistake so that she can correct it!

If you’re interested in getting involved with our DesignBuild program, check out our “How You Can Help” post.


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