Design-A-Rama: The U-LEAF takes shape in week 3


Week 3 of Project U-LEAF has ended and the team has made significant progress.  The team’s energy in the first half of the week was primarily focused on generating, refining, and presenting designs to our amazing client, LEAF Schools and Streets.  The presentation was held Wednesday morning at the LEAF Schools and Streets’ office in east Asheville.  The team’s different task forces fielded questions and received invaluable feedback from the board and attendees.

Leading up to the Wednesday event, every member of the design team worked feverishly to generate the ideas and material needed to make the presentation a success.

The Site Team spent hours visiting and creating diagrams of the locations that the U-LEAF will be deployed and the digital design team generated renderings and working drawings of our designs to-date.   The Kit-of-Parts team seemed to have created one of the biggest hits of our client presentation with their multi-purpose boxes.

One of many sites diagramsUnfolding LEAF stage

After Wednesday’s presentation, all available members of the DesignBuild team headed down to the River Arts District to visit past ADC DesignBuild projects and tour the Old Wood Co. workshop.  This was a great opportunity to reflect on all the hard work of the past weeks and a chance to consider how this year’s project can impact the Asheville community.

Thursday the team was back in action at AB Tech’s shop building full-scale mock ups of key parts of the design presented to the LEAF board and implementing ideas generated during Wednesday’s presentation.  We also welcomed the guru of design/build, Steve Badanes, who graciously took the time to visit us.  The team had its first visit from Ed Medlock and Michelle Felicetti of Medlock and Associates Engineering.  Ed and Michelle’s engineering services play a vital role in the success of DesignBuild projects.  The guys, Doug and Brian, from the Clemson University Digital Design Shop also stopped in to continue to help and encourage us in working toward utilizing their cutting edge technology for the U-LEAF.  We would like to thank everyone that has and continues to help us along in this endeavor.

We also had some amazing opportunities to reach out to other Asheville community groups.  A contingent of DesignBuild students set out Thursday to visit with Green Opportunities folks at the Arthur Edington Center and see the wonderful work they do for Asheville.  On Friday another group met with folks from the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) at the Edington Center to learn more about how the U-LEAF and design can impact the Asheville community.


On behalf of Ashley Davis and Chad Ekre, thank you to the entire team and all who support us.


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