Community Feedback at Art in the Park


DesignBuild instructor Miriam Gee tries on a mask cut out from the event poster

This week’s communications team visited Art in the Park, presented by LEAF Community Arts and the Easel Rider, DJ M.P. Pride, and Studio Zahiya at the iconic Prichard Park in downtown Asheville.

DesignBuild students Allison and Ashley presented their plans to LEAF organizers to find out what makes a good stage. People were especially excited about the boxes, which can serve as a secondary mini-stage, steps, or seating. The students got a chance to see the type of dance that might take place on the ULEAF stage, interact with LEAF staff and volunteers, and take in some of the local Asheville culture.

Lisa Zahiya’s classes performed several choreographed dances for a crowd of 50+ onlookers of all ages. Later, she invited the audience to join in on a beginner-friendly, heart-pumping dance workout. Instructor Miriam Gee literally ran down the steps to join in!


DJ M.P. Pride and Studio Zahiya staff

ArtinthePark1Originally, we had planned for the Easel Rider, seen above, to tow the ULEAF stage, but as the plans developed, we realized that the stage would weigh too much for this to be a realistic goal. However, the ULEAF will be towable by any regular-sized truck.



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