Scaling Up!

IMG_5744It’s been a big week for deliveries!

Scott from Sunbrella donated a massive roll of 10′ Poly-Tex fabric, bright red trimming material, and D-rings that will cover the awning. In the words of one our students, “He really hooked us up!”

We also got our delivery from BENCO Steel: 160′ of steel, or about twice as much steel as our whole team lined up head-to-foot.


Yesterday, Tim Callahan of Alembic Studio came by the A-B Tech woodshop to consult with students about their design. The discussion largely focused on the placement of the jack system, which will allow performers to level the stage when the trailer is parked on an uneven surface.


The students had a chance to show Tim their to-scale model of the plank which will lower over the wheel well. Their design allows a heavy metal plank to be easily and safely lowered or raised by one person.


Workplace safety is our #1 priority

With the half-inch scale model complete, students set to work constructing a new one-inch scale model.

While some students sourced and priced materials, others discussed the finer points of welding galvanized steel with instructor Luke Perry (for the curious, it apparently involves quite a bit of sanding).



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