Crunch Time!

image 5

This week the team spent a lot of time working out details of how the U-LEAF will come together.  Teams worked on mechanical assist components, details of the canopy superstructure, and putting together a digital Revit model. Michelle Felicetti of Medlock & Associates Engineering helped with checking our changes in our structure to make sure it would function when built.  On Wednesday, the team got to meet with Jay Pisaro, the tech director at LEAF, Tim Callahan of Alembic Studio, and Ryan Massengill, a past DesignBuild student. Each visitor was very helpful and gave really great feedback that was essential to keeping our proces moving forward.

image 4

We were able to develop our first full-scale mock-up testing the torsion spring system. Much to our satisfaction, this mechanical system is an awesome addition to the U-LEAF and begins simplifying some of our previous concerns about safe deployment and weight. As we dug deeper into the details of the design we were able to not only pump out another iteration of the super-structure but also get into the modifications of the winch and pulley system that we will be added to the design. Through working out these details and counting out materials we were able to accomplish a great deal this past week.
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Outside of the shop we were given a great opportunity to reach out to the community. As we continue to design the U-LEAF an important component is to remember who the users and viewers will be once it is complete. Going to the Burton Street Community Center and engaging with children from the age of ten to thirteen allowed us to answer some questions that had been weighing on us. Also, the children were able to give us a lot of feedback and design criticism to help us develop the U-LEAF. If we can get the approval of the children who plan to use the mobile stage then I think we, as designers and producers of this project, are in great condition!

This post was written by forewomen of the week Melody Bazzle and Julia Chapman



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