Raw materials are in!


Luke Perry is pretty excited about the donation from Sunbrella!

With many of the students going home for Independence Day last weekend, the students had to rush to get everything done with only four days of work. They built a 1″ model of the U-LEAF stage in preparation for a visit from Michelle and Tim, who are consulting the students on engineering aspects of the design. They discussed the placement of the winches and the distribution of stress on the canopy, which will drive the material (wood or steel) that must be used.


The team explains how the overhang will function with the help of a model.

The team has determined the the ULEAF will unfold both long walls of the trailer. A major design challenge for our students was the wheel well of the trailer, because it demands that the stage floor be elevated off the trailer base. A wooden model built by the team (shown below) demonstrates how this challenge was overcome. The side folds down over the wheel well with the help of a strong spring (for ease of use and safety), and the gap is filled like a puzzle-piece.


DesignBuild students David Koontz and Chad Ekre demonstrate how the stage will expand over the trailer’s wheel well to visiting instructors.


All hands on deck! The students put the finishing touches on a 1″ scale model before the guest instructors arrive.


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