Coming together!

At the end of last week, the floorboards of the stage were fitted with metal braces to support the beams of the canopy.


This Monday at A-B Tech, the students finished welding risers to the base of the trailer.


DesignBuild student Ed lines up the steel risers on the trailer base.


Lizete grinds the the metal smooth to prepare a section of the trailer base for additional welding. A set of screens allows several students to work on the trailer at once by deflecting sparks.


Lizete’s section!

In the woodshop on Monday morning, students treated the wood and laid it out to dry.


Drying lumber overtakes the woodshop on Monday

In the woodshop, students work on the wooden parts of the canopy by fitting angled joints and cutting lumber to size. Miriam advises the students on how to avoid problems with knots in the lumber.

IMG_5943 (2)

Chad fits an angled joint in the woodshop.


Caitlin measures a joint to make sure it’s snug


Chad and Caitlin work together to cut an angled joint


Measure twice, cut once!


Stephanie trims the wood to size.

The Patton Avenue Sherwin Williams store donated 1 gallon of paint and primer for the visible steel sections of the U-LEAF. The students chose this vibrant “Electric Lime”. Remember those models the students have been working so hard on? The metal sections on the model are represented by walnut wood (the darker color).


“Electric Lime”


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