Canopy Superstructure Complete!

Hoss Haley has generously volunteered to finish the welds on the side of the trailer. Right now, these steel pieces are tacked on. For the uninitiated among us, that means they’re held by small temporary welds. It’s the welding equivalent of a basting stitch!IMG_6135


The squad examines the work ahead of them.

Lizete and Allison teamed up to troubleshoot an engineering problem on the computer. The joint at the top of the canopy arch must be held together by a piece of steel, but some math is necessary to determine what size is appropriate.


Lizete and Allison discuss their conclusions with Luke Perry.


Lizete checks the canopy specs.

All four wooden supports of the canopy are complete! The stain, purchased from EarthPaint Asheville, was selected because it was environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to source locally. The color came out great!


Two of the finished canopy beams (above) and the specs they’re based on (below).


Drill baby drill!


Caitlin in the zone

By Wednesday, the entire team had crossed over from grumpy tired to hysterical-laughter tired. “There is no being a girl,” a once female-identified student said, “There is only building.”

IMG_6314Meanwhile, Chad and Calum work on the metal frame for the wings, which will fold down over the wheel wells of the trailer. See those holes in the steel? That’s where the springs will go. The springs allow the wings to fold down safely (so no one gets bonked on the head by the massive weight of a wing) and easily (so two people can easily set up the U-LEAF stage).IMG_6204 IMG_6206


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