So many details

With much of the heavy lifting complete, the team has moved on to a preponderance of detail-oriented tasks. Lizete focuses on some precision woodcutting at the jigsaw.


Lizete attempts to ignore the photographer while she works with sharp objects.


Lizete at the jigsaw.

These two steel pieces of the canopy superstructure (below) were torch-cut. Torch-cutting resulted in a more imprecise outcome than the structure requires, so Ashley marked the outline with a sharpie and finished the job with a hand-held grinder. These two steel pieces will cradle the central canopy beam. Eventually they’ll get painted Electric Lime green.


Ashley compares the torch-cut pieces to a wooden pattern.

Meanwhile, Melody drilled holes for the bolts that will join metal to wood on the stage. She periodically stopped the machine to oil the drill bit. Afterwards, she carefully scraped away metal built up around the sides of the hole – it’s sharp, and could injure someone.


Melody at the drill. 


Melody scrapes shredded metal from a plate.  


Christina uses the wheel grinder to sharpen a tool


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