Week 8

With only 2 weeks left until our August 1st unveiling at the downtown LEAF festival, it’s crunch time.  On Monday morning we had an extensive list to tackle. The priority was to complete the dual wing assemblies and welding so that we could test them on the wing as well as completing the wood canopy structure. Susan Russell oversaw our welding techniques. Ed Dale completed most of the trailer welds, having had prior welding experience. David and Calum learned how to weld over the course of the past two weeks and were able to complete the wings with Susan’s assistance, as well as an awesome team of grinders. David also got the trailer jacks attached.

unnamed (1)

The wings wait to be primed

unnamed (5)

Springs for the wings!

On Wednesday we took the trailer down to Hoss Haley’s. He was able to help us with remaining welds and used his fork-lift to help us get the wings on the trailer with the springs in place. Got torsion springs and dowel on/wings attached- highlight! Back at AB Tech we painted, stained and treated all the wood and were able to assemble the canopy pieces. By Friday all the metal on the trailer was completed.


Assembled canopy pieces

Saturday we made adjustments on our canopy pieces, and primed the trailer for paint. Sunday a small group came in to paint the trailer and wings. We ended the week with an awesome adventure at Lake James on Leigh’s boat! Thanks Leigh!


Wooden flooring dries in the AB-Tech woodshop


Fun in the sun on Leigh’s boat

This post was written by our forewoman of the week Christina Booher


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