Schematic Design Process Moves Along

To start of the week, we invited several local architects, board members from ADC, and bee specialists to review our initial design strategies for the bee nursery. Overall, we received great feedback which helped us to look at this project at a scale beyond the campus of UNC Asheville, to allow the design to influence visitors of the nursery but the community as well.



With feedback from Monday taken into consideration, we each improved our design strategies over the next few days into a single schematic designs we each presented to our clients at UNC Asheville.



After meeting at UNC Asheville on Thursday, we had a better idea of what their expectations are for the bee nursery: making sure there is an emphasis on the educational aspect of the program in order to inform the public about the importance of pollinators and a design that has a sense of belonging in the site. They were also excited about several ideas that were presented such as a green roof system, a “make your own bee nursery” station, and satellite pods dispersed throughout the site.

Friday we were back to the drawing board to refine the design. We combined our ideas and UNCA’s requests to develop an iconic bee nursery. It’s a rigorous design process but it will be worth it in the end!



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