Updates, mock-ups, and lending a hand

In week 4, we started off by presenting the project’s updates to faculty and students from UNC Asheville at their campus. Many changes for the project occurred during the weekend such as updating the educational information that we discovered from last week’s “Bee Con” as well as design strategies that best respond to the needs of a proper bee nursery for the site. The feedback from UNC Asheville was great and we are all excited about the progress that has been made.

Back at the wood shop, we started to fabricate full scale mock ups to help us visualize the scale of the bee nursery. Everyone is assigned to fabricate specific parts of the main structure to help speed up the process. We are labeling members of the structure, drilling holes for the bolted connections, and assembling all of the pieces.

After evaluating the mock-up model, we adjust a few components to make the proportions of the project feel just right. Liz treats us with coffee and donuts to help us focus and stay awake! Boston creme donuts are the best!!!

We also took time this week to help out the ADC with the maintenance of a past project. This opportunity is a great way to establish a relationship with the community of Asheville and show our passion for not only designing awesome projects but to also show that we care about every project after their completion. The project we helped with is an outdoor learning garden located on Burton Street.


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