The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After a solid week of work last week, Studio B eyed its goal for a dry fit Wednesday. The early part of the week was spent put the finishing touches on different components of the bee nursery. A variety of tasks needed to be completed before our dry fit, including priming and painting the steel plates and columns not yet painted, spraying nuts and bolts with a protective zinc coating to increase durability, and coating each of the bee habitats with a coat of polyurethane also to increase durability and deter water from entering the wood and damaging it. Although each provided for long and tedious processes, each will help to make the project be more aesthetically pleasing as well as increase the lifespan of the project.

While waiting for a few items to be delivered, each member of the studio began working on furniture pieces to be installed on site away from the main bee nursery to encourage people to interact with and occupy the whole site longer. Each student employed their own ideas into each piece and will be completed next week.


Without further ado, Wednesday saw the erection of the structure we have all worked on tirelessly over the last month and a half. We began by attaching the pre-assembled 8′ beams to their shorter counterparts with steel straps and plates then attached the top and bottom beams to the steel columns. Although it was not perfect and some adjustment will be made before final installation, we had finally seen a glimpse of the manifestation of many hours at work.


Thursday was spent continuing to work towards finishing our furniture pieces. The group worked hard this week to complete the tasks at hand but also found time for a trip to a local architect’s office on Monday, a conversation with several other area architects and a trip to a farm near Hendersonville to collect bamboo for bee habitats on Wednesday. Next week will surely be one filled with hard work to install the project and shared joy over the completion of the project on UNC Asheville’s campus.


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