Welding, Painting, and Prepping

This week officially kicks off the build aspect of our studio! Our steel and lumber arrived to AB Tech, allowing us to start fabricating the main structure.

At the start of the week, two of our students used Clemson University’s Digital Design Shop to plasma cut our metal connections, which saved TONS of time down the road.


Everyone had a chance to try their hand at welding in the metal shop, where a local designer/welder assisted us in creating the legs for the bee nursery. From there, the metal was cleaned, primed, and painted with the UNC Asheville Blue: the darker color really sits back on the structure, allowing our fabricated bee boxes to really stand out – plus they’ve already attracted visitors!

Additionally, the lumber was cut in the shop, and drilled where the bolts would be set. We also had to rout the ends of the lumber so the welded plates would fit better, which we found out as we did a dry run.

This has been our most construction-intensive week yet and it’s only going to get better from here! Stay tuned for more updates about Studio B! We can’t wait to share the final product with y’all.



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