The Final Stretch and What’s Next

This last week was our final week working on the bee nursery. With the dry fit finally complete it was time to take the structure to the real site and it’s new home at UNCA. On Monday we disassembled the dry fit and transported it to the site. With UNCA’s help we were able to dig a level surface and start constructing the nursery. It was an exciting moment for everyone! Tuesday was spent wrapping up construction by attaching the roof and finally anchoring down the structure. Construction went smoothly and all that was left was to add the bee habitats and furniture pieces.

On Wednesday the structure was up and it was time to finish our furniture pieces and start working on bee habitats. Using the bamboo we cut down from last week we made habitats for the bees. By bundling up the bamboo it fit nicely inside cardboard tubes and coffee cans. At the end of the day we were treated to a visit at Biltmore Gardens. A beautiful, peaceful place to go after all the hard work everyone has put into the project.

Thursday was the big reveal and ribbon cutting ceremony. With everything finished it was time to relax and enjoy the final product. The turnout was terrific and we were excited to see everyone who helped with the project together in one place. We all had an amazing time with Asheville Design Build Studio and can only imagine what’s in store for next summer’s students. To everyone that helped us with this project we thank you and wish you all the best! – Sincerely Asheville Design Build Team




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