Artful ideas? Take a look…

Here are some of the documents we used in the community workshop on Monday, July 1.  We asked artists and community members to think about what types of art or materials could be built into the steel “ribs” rising up on either side of the bridge.  Color could be added as well.  What do you think??

bench perspective << View from south side of creek (river on the left)

rib elevation_dimensions << Ribs behind bench (with dimensions)

rib perspective_dimensions << Another perspective (with dimensions)

guardrail perspectives << Ribs behind guardrail

considerations_half                             schedule_half

Have ideas you’d like to share??   Contact Luke Perry.


Soil Testing Done!

Big thanks to Will Gentry and his geo-tech team for coming to the site and drilling yesterday! We hit rock around 18 feet — now we have the info we need to move forward with installing the footers for our bridge.

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Going to RiverMUSIC tonight? Come see us!

Come down to the site (30 Riverside Drive – under the Haywood Bridge) from 5-7pm TONIGHT!  It’s  just down the street from the RiverLink’s RiverMUSIC, happening from 5-10pm.

We need your input on our design before the final drawings are submitted!

If you want a preview/in-depth look at what we’ve up to, check it out here!

Week 3 Recap

It’s been a crazy, productive week!  With the feedback on our benches from last Friday’s meeting with Green Opportunities (GO!) and the weekend Studio Stroll, we were able to  move forward quickly with design.  We built a full-scale mock-up of a section of the bridge and continued to figure out details of the design through drawings and models.  We are working hard to complete permit drawings for submittal next week.  Big thanks to Shawn Oldham at the metal shop, engineer Medlock and architect Mitchel Sorin who provided professional reviews!

Check out the photos from the week, pulled together by Serena Huang!

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