Thanks KBI for the $7000 in-kind donation, 550 SF of Flexi-Pave!


$270 In-Kind Donation – Thanks, 84 Lumber!

84 lumber banner

Thank you to 84 Lumber Company, for the donation of $270 off our first lumber order for the YWCA covered stair and pavilion. The Southern Yellow Pine lumber arrived last week at AB Tech, and we have already begun column and rafter pre-fabrication. We received the Framer Series Lumber for the SYP which is SFI Certified. This wood is straight as an arrow!


Endless Community Support

Once again we’ve been flooded with support from the community and have many people to thank!

We will be disturbing quite a bit of earth once we start excavating for our footers, so we’ve already taken steps to prevent impact on the little stream below our bridge. This wouldn’t be possible without a donation of over 300 dollars worth of silt fencing from John Thelen at Landmark Landscapes! Our crew spent Saturday and Monday digging out trenches and setting the silt fencing, exposing ourselves to the wrath of some exceptionally healthy poison ivy!



20130726-190500.jpgAdditionally, New Belgium Brewery has donated not only $250 dollars, but also some beautiful, reclaimed wooden gates, which we will be using as support for our benches. Below are some pictures of the team fighting with these heavy-duty gates and old hardware to extract the 2X6′s we need. Big thanks to Bradley from New Belgium for helping us lift and transport those hefty gates!



20130726-190150.jpgFinally, huge thanks to B.V. Hendrick Gravel & Sand Co. – North Buncombe Quarryfor a $500 donation that we will use towards the gravel beds beneath the footings! Without these contributions this bridge wouldn’t be possible!!

Special Thanks to Sherwin Williams!

Here’s a shout out to Sherwin Williams who generously donated 12 gallons of primer and paint (worth over $600!!) for our bridge! Thank you so much for sponsoring our project! A special thanks to Kara B., Patton Avenue store manager, and Matt who helped us mix the paint and match the colors.

We have decided upon the color eggplant (officially called “Black Swan”) for the metal elements of our bridge. In the shadows, the color appears much darker, almost a dark grey or black. However, in the sunlight, it acts as a nice accent against the natural tones of the wooden decking and surrounding trees. We even noticed the purple in our feathered friends on site:

black swan ducks

Thanks again to  Sherwin Williams for the sponsorship… we couldn’t have done it without you!

Below are some photos of our  Volunteer Work Day – thank you for your time and help!

0723_painting ibeams-1

0723_painting ibeams-2

0723_painting ibeams-3

Materials List + Donations = Awesome Bridge

Posted below is a list of all the materials it’s going to take to make this bridge happen! If you or someone you know is able and willing to secure any of the items below at discounted prices, or better yet donate a material all together, please email instructor Luke W Perry. Thanks!


Contact Instructor Luke W. Perry for more information.

$1250 Gift – RADBA, Darren Green, & Pattiy Torno Make it Happen!

Big Thanks to RADBA (River Arts District Business Association) for their $1250 gift towards the footbridge materials budget! AVL DesignBuild student Forewoman Marisa Lappin, student Foreman Billy Del Monte, and instructor Luke W Perry gave a footbridge status update during the RADBA monthly meeting. Then, RADBA member Joe Ransmeier (also a bonafied volunteer tree surgeon and woodworker) motioned to sponsor the footbridge – and it passed! Darren Green, the future president of RADBA  and owner of The Old Wood Co. along with neighbor and artist Pattiy Torno personally contributed to the cause. We truly appreciate your generosity and support – thanks to our neighbors for making it happen!

If anyone else is interested in donating materials in-kind, professional skills, or money to the cause, you can email us for more details, or click here. After some bad news last week (a poor soils report and the municipal requirements for all greenway pedestrian bridges to carry an 11,000-pound ambulance load) the team found out that the cost of the footings and structure would be double. We continue to need your support for materials & services to make our footbridge a reality!

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