U-LEAF Mobile Stage Concepts

Steady as we go, the team of 13 DesignBuild students has come up with a fantastic concept to wow the future performers and on-lookers of the U-LEAF mobile community arts stage!


Bridge as a Teaching Tool

AB Tech’s BluePrint Reading class, taught by Luke Perry, visited the bridge for a hands-on teaching experience.  Students from two different classes spent a few hours observing the prepping of the footings and gaining a unique insight in the production and communication of architectural drawings.  AB Tech students were given the plan set that the Summer DesignBuild Studio students completed this summer.  They were then able to correlate the drawings to the actual built product, and were tasked in finding differences between the original design and how it was built (aside from the fact that it is not in the correct location!).  As with any true design build project, many changes take place in the field, after the drawings are produced.  This, however, did provide for a great teaching moment.  The students are looking forward to spending time on the bridge, located just a few blocks down the road from their school, AB Tech.  Over the summer, AB Tech had an integral role in the studio, providing technical support, tools, and shop space and we appreciate their partnership in this, and future projects.


One More Community Work Day

This weekend is the very last before our scheduled completion date of August 2nd! That means we need some help for this final push! The crew will be on site at 10am tomorrow (Saturday) and would love some help painting the deck boards with a clear, non-slip finish! Many hands make light work, so the length of the workday depends on how many people turn out, but we expect it will last 3 or 4 hours. Come out and enjoy some great company, rain or shine!

Where? Under the Haywood Bridge near Jean Webb Park
When? 10am til 1-2pm
Bring? Clothes and shoes for painting, brushes, rollers, or trays, water, and YOU!
Contact? Instructor Luke W Perry via email with questions

Forest, Eggplant, Aqua? What’s Your Favorite Color?

Why stick to grey when we can style our bridge with some pops of color!? We want to know what you think. Check out our renditions below and cast your vote! And why stop at placing a vote? Why not swing by the site on Saturday starting at 1  to help coat that color on our bridge!

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 1.10.38 PM

Artful ideas? Take a look…

Here are some of the documents we used in the community workshop on Monday, July 1.  We asked artists and community members to think about what types of art or materials could be built into the steel “ribs” rising up on either side of the bridge.  Color could be added as well.  What do you think??

bench perspective << View from south side of creek (river on the left)

rib elevation_dimensions << Ribs behind bench (with dimensions)

rib perspective_dimensions << Another perspective (with dimensions)

guardrail perspectives << Ribs behind guardrail

considerations_half                             schedule_half

Have ideas you’d like to share??   Contact Luke Perry.