Grand Opening!

On November 14th, we celebrated the official grand opening of 13 Bones! 



13 Bones – the RAD Bridge is in place.

Thanks to everyone who attended the 13 Bones official Ribbon Cutting today. Here are some photos courtesy of AVL DesignBuild alum, Marisa Lappin. The biggest thanks goes out to instructor Luke W. Perry, for taking this project through construction administration, inspection, and the final Ribbon Cutting! This bridge is the first link in many to come for the future Wilma Dykeman Greenway. Great work, team!

2013_11_ribbon2 2013_11_ribbon4 2013_11_ribbon5 2013_11_ribbon3 2013_11_ribbon6 2013_11_ribbon1

Footings + Abutment Walls Completed

Foundation work has been completed and the footings and abutments walls are installed!  Due to poor soil conditions and to make sure we stayed out of the stream zone, we pulled the foundation back away from the steam on both sides.  Additionally, the footings are sitting on large gravel bed, that will limit any settling in the future when the water table rises or the river floods. 

We are completing some last minute prepping details and finish grading, but the bridge should be hoisted into place by the end of this week, the moment we have all been waiting for.  Many thanks to our foundation contractor, C&T Paving and a big shout out to AMEC for doing the third-party testing and verification of our concrete. 



Bridge as a Teaching Tool

AB Tech’s BluePrint Reading class, taught by Luke Perry, visited the bridge for a hands-on teaching experience.  Students from two different classes spent a few hours observing the prepping of the footings and gaining a unique insight in the production and communication of architectural drawings.  AB Tech students were given the plan set that the Summer DesignBuild Studio students completed this summer.  They were then able to correlate the drawings to the actual built product, and were tasked in finding differences between the original design and how it was built (aside from the fact that it is not in the correct location!).  As with any true design build project, many changes take place in the field, after the drawings are produced.  This, however, did provide for a great teaching moment.  The students are looking forward to spending time on the bridge, located just a few blocks down the road from their school, AB Tech.  Over the summer, AB Tech had an integral role in the studio, providing technical support, tools, and shop space and we appreciate their partnership in this, and future projects.


Almost There!

Great news!  We have gotten all necessary approvals and contracts approved.  Construction on the foundation for the bridge should begin this coming Monday or Tuesday with the actual installation of the bridge two weeks after that.  Hopefully by the end of October, you will be walking across or sitting on this great new addition to Asheville’s riverfront.  Stay tuned. 

Most people who drive by Jean Webb Park are really curious to figure out what is going on there in the parking lot.  Just last week, I was speaking to a friend of a friend, and he told me about this great new floating bar that New Belgium was building.  He told me I could go and check in out down next to the river across from the Wedge.  Of course, he was talking about the footbridge, not an actual float.  But, maybe he could be forgiven.   Since we had to go ahead and pre fabricate and have met up with some delays in actually installing it, many passerbys think it actually might be something that could float (probably not since it weighs 19,000 lbs!) or more likely a stage….but, no, it is a new public space that will be installed very shortly.  A lot of people have been asking why it is still there, so AC-T Answer Woman took up the cause.  See the write- up here